Genomic resources for wild populations of the house mouse, Mus musculus and its close relative Mus spretus


  • B. Harr
  • E. Karakoc
  • R. Neme
  • M. Teschke
  • C. Pfeifle
  • Ž. Pezer
  • H. Babiker
  • M. Linnenbrink
  • I. Montero
  • R. Scavetta
  • M.R. Abai
  • M.P. Molins
  • M. Schlegel
  • R.G. Ulrich
  • J. Altmüller
  • M. Franitza
  • A. Büntge
  • S. Künzel
  • D. Tautz


  • Scientific Data


  • Sci Data 3: 160075


  • Wild populations of the house mouse (Mus musculus) represent the raw genetic material for the classical inbred strains in biomedical research and are a major model system for evolutionary biology. We provide whole genome sequencing data of individuals representing natural populations of M. m. domesticus (24 individuals from 3 populations), M. m. helgolandicus (3 individuals), M. m. musculus (22 individuals from 3 populations) and M. spretus (8 individuals from one population). We use a single pipeline to map and call variants for these individuals and also include 10 additional individuals of M. m. castaneus for which genomic data are publically available. In addition, RNAseq data were obtained from 10 tissues of up to eight adult individuals from each of the three M. m. domesticus populations for which genomic data were collected. Data and analyses are presented via tracks viewable in the UCSC or IGV genome browsers. We also provide information on available outbred stocks and instructions on how to keep them in the laboratory.