Mathematical modelling of promoter occupancies in MYC-dependent gene regulation


  • U. Benary
  • E. Wolf
  • J. Wolf


  • Genomics and Computational Biology


  • Genom Comput Biol 3 (2): e54


  • The human MYC proto-oncogene protein (MYC) is a transcription factor that plays a major role in the regulation of cell proliferation. Deregulation of MYC expression is often found in cancer. In the last years, several hypotheses have been proposed to explain cell type specific MYC target gene expression patterns despite genome wide DNA binding of MYC. In a recent publication, a mathematical modelling approach in combination with experimental data demonstrated that differences in MYC-DNA-binding affinity are sufficient to explain distinct promoter occupancies and allow stratification of distinct MYC-regulated biological processes at different MYC concentrations. Here, we extend the analysis of the published mathematical model of DNA-binding behaviour of MYC to demonstrate that the insights gained in the investigation of the human osteosarcoma cell line U2OS can be generalized to other human cell types.