Metabolic synchronization by traveling waves in yeast cell layers


  • J. Schuetze
  • T. Mair
  • M.J. Hauser
  • M. Falcke
  • J. Wolf


  • Biophysical Journal


  • Biophys J 100 (4): 809-813


  • The coordination of cellular behavior is a prerequisite of functionality of tissues and organs. Generally, this coordination occurs by signal transduction, neuronal control, or exchange of messenger molecules. The extent to which metabolic processes are involved in intercellular communication is less understood. Here, we address this question in layers of resting yeast cells and report for the first time the observation of intercellular glycolytic waves. We use a combined experimental and theoretical approach and explain the radial velocity of the waves to arise from the substrate gradient due to local substrate addition. Our results show that metabolic processes introduce an additional level of local intercellular coordination.