Systematic identification of MACC1-driven metabolic networks in colorectal cancer


  • J. Lisec
  • D. Kobelt
  • W. Walther
  • M. Mokrizkij
  • C. Grötzinger
  • C. Jaeger
  • K. Baum
  • M. Simon
  • J. Wolf
  • N. Beindorff
  • W. Brenner
  • U. Stein


  • Cancers


  • Cancers 13 (5): 978


  • MACC1 is a prognostic and predictive metastasis biomarker for more than 20 solid cancer entities. However, its role in cancer metabolism is not sufficiently explored. Here, we report on how MACC1 impacts the use of glucose, glutamine, lactate, pyruvate and fatty acids and show the comprehensive analysis of MACC1-driven metabolic networks. We analyzed concentration-dependent changes in nutrient use, nutrient depletion, metabolic tracing employing (13)C-labeled substrates, and in vivo studies. We found that MACC1 permits numerous effects on cancer metabolism. Most of those effects increased nutrient uptake. Furthermore, MACC1 alters metabolic pathways by affecting metabolite production or turnover from metabolic substrates. MACC1 supports use of glucose, glutamine and pyruvate via their increased depletion or altered distribution within metabolic pathways. In summary, we demonstrate that MACC1 is an important regulator of metabolism in cancer cells.