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Long Night of the Sciences 2023: MDC-BIMSB, Berlin-Mitte

Save the Date: On June 17, 2023, we are inviting everyone who is interested to visit our laboratories in Mitte and Buch again! It's worth marking the "smartest night of the year" in your calendar, as our highlights show.


Hannoversche Straße 28
10115 Berlin





Using CRISPR to find and correct pathogenic gene variants

On this tour, we explain how to use CRISPR/Cas systems for diagnostics and therapy of genetic diseases. In our lab, we are working toward developing CRISPR-based test assays to detect genetic mutations. These mutations have a range of effects that include an increased risk for different kidney diseases as well as changing how individuals metabolize drugs. We are also working with base editors, which are CRISPR/Cas-derived genome editing tools, to develop therapies for kidney diseases..

Location: MDC, Berlin-Mitte (MDC-BIMSB)

Modeling neurodevelopmental conditions with brain organoids

We at the Metzger lab use stem cells to grow organoids that mimic important aspects of human brain development and associated neurodevelopmental disorders. During our lab tour, we will also explain how we use our results to find new therapeutic options for patients with such conditions.

Location: MDC, Berlin-Mitte (MDC-BIMSB)

How can you fit Berlin’s TV tower inside a Kinder Surprise?

If you stretch the DNA molecule from a single human cell all the way out, it would be about 2meters long. However, the nucleus of a human cell, which contains the DNA, is only about 6 μm in diameter – this is as small as a Kinder Surprise in comparison to Berlin’s TV tower! How does DNA fit inside such a small space and how does DNA folding affect gene activity and the biology of our cells? We at the Pombo lab use state-of-the-art techniques to study the role of chromatin origami in health and disease.

Location: MDC, Berlin-Mitte (MDC-BIMSB)

The science of forgetting

Join us on a journey to explore the molecular origins of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. We use a variety of microscopy techniques to understand why proteins in the brain clump together and affect our memory as we age. Come and see how we color proteins and track them inside cells and mini-brains.

Location: MDC, Berlin-Mitte (MDC-BIMSB)

You can find the complete program for the Long Night of the Sciences 2023 on our website.

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