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MUDS Seminar Series

Prof. Gitta Kutyniok (Dept. of Mathematics, Ludwig Maximilians University Munich): 

"Reliable AI: From Mathematical Foundations to Quantum Computing"


"Artificial intelligence is currently leading to one breakthrough after the other, both in public life with, for instance, autonomous driving and speech recognition, and in the sciences in areas such as medical diagnostics or molecular dynamics. However, one current major drawback is the lack of reliability of such methodologies. In this lecture we will take a mathematical viewpoint towards this problem, showing the power of such approaches to reliability. We will first provide an introduction into this vibrant research area, focussing specifically on deep neural networks. We will then survey recent advances, in particular, concerning generalization guarantees and explainability methods. Finally, we will discuss fundamental limitations of deep neural networks and related approaches in terms of computability, which seriously affects their reliability, and reveal a connection with quantum computing."



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