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Pride at MDC - Equity in Science and Society

Welcome back to the third edition of the LGBTQ+ pride symposium at the MDC!

We are overjoyed to invite you to join us once again, for our third annual LGBTQ+ symposium at the MDC! The mission of this event, organized by our vibrant community, is to promote inclusivity and diversity within the MDC and beyond.
Two years ago, we started this journey with a great list of speakers and enormous support! Our meeting last year was held under the motto “Pride at MDC - from Awareness to Action”. This year, we are taking our commitment further with the theme "Pride at MDC: Equity in Science and Society." Building on the insightful discussions and connections made in previous years, we are now focusing on actionable steps to ensure equity and representation in both science and society.
We invite all individuals who support LGBTQ+ rights and the advancement of an inclusive and diverse scientific environment to join us. Whether you are returning or participating for the first time, we warmly welcome you to a space where we can all learn, share, and grow together.
Stay tuned for more details on our exciting lineup of speakers, sessions, and ways to get involved. Let's continue to build a stronger, more equitable community together!

Please note: Our symposium venue is barrier-free and located on the ground floor for easy access. Attendees who require further accessibility accommodations are invited to contact us for a Zoom link to ensure their full participation in the symposium. Please reach out to us in advance if you need any additional assistance. We are committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for everyone.


Hannoversche Straße 28
10115 Berlin




13:00-13:10OpeningOrganizing Committee
13:10-13:20Welcome from MDC the directorate Heike Graßmann
13:20-13:40LGBTQI+ EconomicsDario Sansone
13:40-14:10On the operationalization of sex, gender and sexualityCorinna Schmechel
14:10-14:30The principle of queerversity – fostering trans*versal justiceAntke Engel
14:30-15:00Coffee break 
15:00-15:30Health and wellbeing at the intersection of disability, neurodivergence and sexual/gender diversityDJ McMaughan, Abby Mulcahy, Carl Streed Jr.
15:30-15:50My MDC ExperiencesMDC Community
15:50-16:50Panel discussionFernando Gago, Antke Engel, Corinna Schmechel
16:50- 17:00Concluding remarks
Organizing Committee
17:00Meet the speakers + Pride After Hour 


Maike Gräff
Jacobo López Carballo
Jojo Coburn
Tomasz Jacek Nawara
Carla Mölbert
Sanja Drakulic

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