Society of Friends

Verein der Freunde und Förderer des Max Delbrück Center

The Society of Friends of the Max Delbrück Center aims to improve and serve MDC research.

Aims and Benefits

The society has the following goals:

  • To support MDC research;
  • To support and help expand scientific relationships between the MDC and its partners in Germany and abroad;
  • To award research scholarships to young scientists;
  • To expand contacts between the MDC and the public, particularly by educating non-specialists about current issues in medical research;
  • To help organize scientific meetings;
  • To support equal rights for men and women within the research activities of the MDC, by promoting measures that ease the relationship between work and family life;
  • To promote art and cultural activities at the MDC;
  • To promote sports activities at the MDC.


Membership comes with the following advantages:

  • You will be informed about current events and developments on the Berlin-Buch campus.
  • You will be invited to campus events including talks, discussion round tables, seminars, the New Year’s party, and the Long Night of Science.
  • You will receive (at no cost) MDC publications such as the Research Report, campus news, popular books, etc.
  • We will organize an experimental course in our learning lab for you
  • You will stay up-to-date on the newest results of research in the fields of molecular biology and molecular medicine.

By making a donation or becoming a member you can help support the work of the Society of Friends. The membership fee and additional donations are tax-deductible.


Current Projects and Activities


Promoted projects

Promotion of scientific exchange by supporting

  • Max-Delbrück-Lectures  / Elena-Timoféefff-Ressovsky-Lecture Series
  • Child care during congresses

Awarding of prizes

  • Best Scientific Image Contest during the Long Night of Sciences in cooperation with Nikon GmbH
  • Best Poster and Best Talk dring the yearly PhD Retreats of MDC and FMP
  • Silent Hero Prize

Promotion of sports and networking by supporting the participation in:

  • Berlin Table Tennis Company-Cup
  • VitalLaufFest of HOWOGE
  • Berliner Firmenlauf in Mitte and Tiergarten
  • Berliner Wasserbetriebe 5x5 km TEAM-relay in the Tiergarten
  • Allod Gesundheitslauf in Berlin-Karow
  • TÜV Rheinland Berliner marathon relay on the former airport Tempelhof
  • and support of work-place health promotion and the further development of Campus Vital

Promotion of science, art, culture and history:

  • Local culture: the sculpture park and the Jeanne-Mammen-collection of the MDC
  • Scientific historical events.
  • maintenance about the grave of Karl Lohmann

Promotion of school's work at the Scientific Learning Lab

Promotion of the network between science and economy

Interlinking of Alumni-work with activities of Freundeskreis

Active involvement in and for the health city Berlin-Buch

  • Benefizconcerts 
  • Support of cultural events on Campus and in Buch
  • Movie Series „Cinema under the campus sky“ on Campus Buch
  • Support of integration of refugees in the neighbourhood


Join us in our work and donate now.

Please use the following bank details:

Friends of Max Delbrück Center
IBAN: DE30 1005 0000 1953 2340 00
BIC: BELADEBEXXX (Berliner Sparkasse)

Thank you for your valuable support!

Membership Form


Here you find the Membership Form. Please note the possibility to pay the membership fee via direct debit from your bank account.

Please send the complete and signed form to:




The Board of the Society of Friends is elected by the general membership meeting. The following members work in the Board in an honorary capacity:



Deputy Chair




Scientific Director of the Max Delbrück Center




Honorary Chairman

Prof. Dr. Detlev Ganten
Prof. Dr. Detlev Ganten


Honorary members

Prof. Dr. Jens Reich
Prof. Dr. Jens Reich
Prof. Dr. Günter Stock
Prof. Dr. Günter Stock