📺 Jennifer M. Pocock: Microglia, TREM2 and iPSCs – murder, mystery and AD

Jennifer Pocock from University College London spoke at the Elena Timoféeff Ressovsky lecture on 20 June 2019.

Jennifer Pocock studied Applied Biology at Greenwich University, UK, and obtained her PhD in Neurophysiology at the University of Birmingham. After a postdoc at UC Riverside in California she returned to University of Dundee as a senior Research fellow. In 1999 she took over a position as Lecturer at the Institute of Neurology at UC London and was appointed Associate professor.

Her research focus is on interactions between neurons and glial cells in neuroinflammatory degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's disease and Multiple sclerosis. She and her lab are using patient fibroblast iPSC-derived microglia and macrophages to investigate neurodegenerative diseases such as AD and specifically the role of gene mutations which give rise to altered microglial phenotypes linked with enhanced risk of dementia.