Officers and Representatives

Animal Welfare Officers


The MDC’s Animal Welfare Officer advises scientists applying to conduct animal testing about opportunities to implement the 3Rs principle of replacement, reduction, and refinement. This officer is also a member of the MDC’s Animal Welfare Committee.


Dr. Sophia Reissert

Anti-Corruption Officer


As the MDC contact person for corruption prevention, this officer is available to all employees who have questions regarding anti-corruption measures or who suspect corrupt conduct. The officer is also tasked with raising employee awareness of the issue, and carries out advisory and informative activities on corruption prevention.


Data Protection Officer


In accordance with Section 19a of the Berlin Data Protection Act (BlnDSG ), the Data Protection Officer is the first point of contact for all questions regarding the protection of personal data at the MDC. In monthly training sessions, the officer provides MDC employees with information and advice on the legal foundations of data protection.


Allmuth Galley

Disabilities Officer


The Disabilities Officer advises and supports all MDC employees with disabilities, from their initial recruitment through to the end of their employment. The appointed officer helps with applications concerning preventative measures, formal disability recognition, and equal treatment.

Marion Posselt-Hofmann

Hazardous Goods Officer


The transportation of dangerous goods in public (air, road, rail, and inland waterways) is subject to special legal provisions. The MDC’s Hazardous Goods Officer provides advice and assistance regarding suitable measures that can be taken to comply with these provisions and ensure the safe transit of hazardous goods (samples/toxic waste).

Yvette Wefeld-Neuenfeld

IT Security Officer


The Information Security Officer is the first point of contact for any questions relating to IT and information security at the MDC. In this role, the officer provides information security guidelines and monitors compliance.

Ivaylo Bodurski

Research Ombudsman

Ombudsperson for Good Scientific Practice

The Ombudspersons are the first point of contact for MDC researchers that suspect violations of the rules of good scientific practice. The Ombudsperson can also provide advice and assistance in conflict situations.


Risk Management Officer


The MDC sees risk management as one of its permanent tasks. The entire risk management system should ensure that all risks faced by the MDC are systematically identified and assessed in order to keep potential risks under control.


Radiation Protection Officer




Staff Council


The Staff Council is the independent advocate for all MDC employees, responsible for representing their interests to the employers. It is comprised of 13 members, who are elected every four years by MDC staff. The role of the council is to support and advise all staff members and to function as an intermediary between employees and the Board of Directors.



PhD Ombudspersons


The PhD Ombudspersons support and advise our doctoral students. They provide a point of contact for feedback and discussions, which, it goes without saying, are confidential. At the request of the doctoral students, they can also help to mediate conflicts. The Ombudspersons are elected by the MDC students.

Good Scientific Practice


Youth and Trainee Council


The Youth and Trainee Council represents the interests of all young workers under 18 and all trainees under 25 at the MDC. It works closely with the Staff Council and is the first point of contact for any questions or problems that arise for young workers and trainees on the job.