Research Data Management

Data Management Plans

What is a DMP?

A Data Management Plan (DMP) is a formal declaration increasingly required by funders (more on ​​the policies and guidelines of the funders) that declares handling of research data before, during and after the duration of a research project.

The DMP's purpose is to ensure the availability and utility of the data and outline the measures that researchers will take in order to maximize access and re-use of the data.

Proper data management planning was shown to save time for scientists, increase research efficiency and visibility, prevent duplication of efforts, ensure scientists themselves and others are able to understand and use data in the future, etc. 


Which DMP tool is recommended by the MDC?

The FAIR Wizard tool.

It is available to the MDC scientists (here) and supported by the RDM team.

For our assistance with writing the DMP, you can contact us via Contact Form or via any of the Face-to-Face/Online support options under the Training & Outreach tab.

We are currently in the process of developing Data Management Plan templates for MDC researchers.