Metabolic restructuring and cell fate conversion


  • A. Prigione
  • M.V. Ruiz-Perez
  • R. Bukowiecki
  • J. Adjaye


  • Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences


  • Cell Mol Life Sci 72 (9): 1759-1777


  • Accumulating evidence implicates mitochondrial and metabolic pathways in the establishment of pluripotency, as well as in the control of proliferation and differentiation programs. From classic studies in mouse embryos to the latest findings in adult stem cells, human embryonic and induced pluripotent stem cells, an increasing number of evidence suggests that mitochondrial and metabolic-related processes might intertwine with signaling networks and epigenetic rewiring, thereby modulating cell fate decisions. This review summarizes the progresses in this exciting field of research. Dissecting these complex mitochondrial and metabolic mechanisms may lead to a more comprehensive understanding of stemness biology and to potential improvements in stem cell applications for biomedicine, cell therapy, and disease modeling.