Developmental Neurobiology

Head of the Group

Prof. Dr. Fritz Rathjen

31.2: Max Delbrück House (Flachbau)

Room 0221

Tel. 3709


31.2: Max Delbrück House (Flachbau)

Room 0269

Tel. 3304



Molecular analysis of neuronal connectivity

A neuron establishes up to thousands of synapses which are the fabric of the communication within the nervous system. The number, strength as well as specificity of synapses and the balance between inhibitory and excitatory neurons determine brain function. A longstanding goal of neuroscientists therefore is to understand how the enormous degree of connectivity of neurons is established during embryonic and early postnatal development and how this connectivity becomes modulated by experience-dependent processes. Dr Rathjen´s laboratory focuses on two subtopics of the “wiring” problem: on (1) the branching of axons and on (2) links between electric activity and proteins implicated in structural modeling of neuronal circuits.