Max Delbrück

MDC 25 years

1992 - 2017

The MDC turns 25: We are looking back on a eventful quarter century with molecular medicine - and we are happy to solemnize this year!

"When you do science, you potentially change the world much more than Caesar or any of the great military or political figures ever did, and you can sit very quietly in a corner and do that."

Max Delbrück, 1978

Interview by Carolyn Harding. Pasadena, California, July 14-September 11, 1978. Oral History Project, California Institute of Technology Archives.

Happy Birthday MDC! (german only)

 Science against Cancer (german only)

A long and winding road  – a film with Thomas Blankenstein, Elisa Kieback, Mathias Leisegang, Antonio Pezzutto and Wolfgang Uckert. (with English subtitles)

 100 Years Campus Berlin-Buch (german only)

Contemporary witnesses share their memories (german only)


Brochure on 25 years of MDC (bilingual)

Status: May 2018