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Conversation with colleagues

Irmgard Küttner, former technichal assistant and Dr. Thomas Kammertöns, scientist in the Blankenstein lab

They worked together for years: An assistant from East Germany who spent almost her whole career at Campus Berlin-Buch and a scientist from West Germany, who came to Berlin after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Following the collapse of the German Democratic Republic and the fall of the Berlin Wall, Irmgard Küttner worked as technical assistant at the MDC. During here time in the Uckert lab and the Blankenstein lab, she met Thomas Kammertöns, who researches cancer cells at MDC and Charité Berlin. Küttner, now retired, came to Campus Buch once again to talk to her former colleague about the times of change in the 1980s and 1990s. 


Sammlung Bielka, MDC