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Disclose Your Invention

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In Life Sciences discoveries and inventions are often disseminated through intellectual property protection. Together with our partner Ascenion we evaluate the best strategy to maximize the impact of your invention.

Complete the Disclosure Form

Please use our Invention Disclosure Form (internal access only) to confidentially report your Invention to the Technology Transfer Office, well in advance of any public disclosure. Submission of this form ensures that the TTO receives all the required and relevant information to evaluate your disclosure for intellectual property protection and commercial potential. Make sure that you include any relevant supporting documents, such as draft manuscripts, presentations, etc. with your disclosure.

Submit the Disclosure Form

Complete and print the disclosure form, obtain the required signatures and then send us the signed document.

Please note that all (co)inventors employed at the MDC have to sign the disclosure form.

Evaluation and Next Steps

After we have received your disclosure, a Technology Manager will be assigned to your invention and will reach out to you for further discussion. Our Technology Manager will collaborate with you on the evaluation and protection of your rights and interests as a MDC inventor in order to establish a solid foundation for commercialization. The Technology Transfer Office and our commercialization partner Ascenion provide the expertise to set up an appropriate IP strategy. Our team will take the lead in securing intellectual property assets and handling all legal and administrative expenses associated with patent filing and prosecution.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an invention disclosure?


An Invention Disclosure is a written description of your innovation or development that you provide to the MDC. Your innovation can be e.g. a composition of matter, a method of use of a substance, a diagnostic tool, a medical device or a software, or even just an idea. The Invention Disclosure should list all collaborators that contributed to the invention, all sources of support and include all of the information necessary to begin pursuing protection, marketing, and commercialization activities. This document will be treated as confidential though it’s information will be made available for the evaluation under a confidentiality agreement.  Based on the Invention Disclosure, the MDC may generate a non-confidential description of your invention in order to assist in marketing the technology. Once potential partners have been identified,  and confidentiality agreements have been signed, more detailed exchanges of information can be made.

Why should I submit an Invention Disclosure?


MDC employees should disclose an invention to the TTO if they believe their research could be commercialized for public use and benefit. Inventions from academia are typically in the very early stages of development and require a significant investment for further development. Intellectual property protection often provides the necessary incentive for a company to pursue such a project. The TTO will assess whether to begin the legal protection process and work to identify outside development partners.

How do I know if my discovery is an invention?  Should I submit an Invention Disclosure?


You are encouraged to submit an Invention Disclosure for all inventions and developments that you feel may solve a significant problem and/or have significant value. If you are in doubt, contact the TTO to discuss your invention and possible strategies for commercialization.

When should I complete an Invention Disclosure?


You should complete a Disclosure Form whenever you feel you have discovered something unique with possible commercial value. This should be done well before presenting the discovery through publications, poster sessions, conferences, press releases, or other communications

How do I submit an Invention Disclosure?


You can download the MDC Disclosure Form and simple instructions here. Technology Disclosures are assigned weekly to a Technology Licensing Officer. Contact the TTO if you have any questions.

Further questions?

Contact the Technology Transfer Office with any inquiries.




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