A concise guide to choosing suitable gene expression systems for recombinant protein production


  • A. Schütz
  • F. Bernhard
  • N. Berrow
  • J.F. Buyel
  • F. Ferreira-da-Silva
  • J. Haustraete
  • J. van den Heuvel
  • J.E. Hoffmann
  • A. de Marco
  • Y. Peleg
  • S. Suppmann
  • T. Unger
  • M. Vanhoucke
  • S. Witt
  • K. Remans


  • STAR Protocols


  • STAR Protoc 4 (4): 102572


  • This overview guides both novices and experienced researchers facing challenging targets to select the most appropriate gene expression system for producing a particular protein. By answering four key questions, readers can determine the most suitable gene expression system following a decision scheme. This guide addresses the most commonly used and accessible systems and provides brief descriptions of the main gene expression systems' key characteristics to assist decision making. Additionally, information has been included for selected less frequently used "exotic" gene expression systems.