Diffusionsgewichtete Magnetresonanztomografie und ihre potenziellen Anwendungsmoeglichkeiten in der Ophthalmologie [Diffusion weighted magnetic resonance imaging and its application in ophthalmology]


  • T. Lindner
  • S. Langner
  • K. Paul
  • A. Pohlmann
  • S. Hadlich
  • T. Niendorf
  • A. Jünemann
  • R.F. Guthoff
  • O. Stachs


  • Klinische Monatsblaetter fuer Augenheilkunde


  • Klin Monbl Augenheilkd 232 (12): 1386-1391


  • The value of diffusion-weighted magnet resonance imaging (DWI-MRI) has been demonstrated for an ever growing range of clinical indications. DWI is sensitive to the diffusion of water molecules and probes their random displacement within tissue. DWI provides both qualitative and quantitative information on tissue characteristics, e.g. tissue cellularity. This review provides an overview of diffusion-weighted imaging and its emerging applications in ophthalmology. The basic physics and technical foundations of DWI are introduced. The emerging applications of DWI are surveyed, particularly in diseases of the eye, orbit and optical nerve.