Location, location, location: The who, how and where of muscle mechanics

A Biophysical Society Networking Event

Localization proteomics has provided an unprecedented view on macromolecular machines and helps improve our understanding of basic cell biology and processes as diverse as sarcomere mechanics, compartmentalization within the sarcomplasma, and spliceosome function. With this short symposium, we will focus on connecting labs and institutions between continents in applying localization proteomics to heart and skeletal muscle mechanics, energetics, and electrophysiology, as the field moves from cells to organoid, engineered tissue and animal models.

Senior speakers include Manuel Mayr (King's College), Philipp Mertins (MDC), and Jared Kushner (Columbia University, New York).

Junior speakers are selected based on the submitted abstracts.

See the PROGRAM below.

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The event will be held on Zoom. You will receive further instructions after your registration




17:00 Welcome - Michael Gotthardt (5 min)

Session 1: Connecting Localization Proteomics and Cardiovascular Research (55 min)

17:05 Jared Kushner (Columbia University, New York): Localization Proteomics – State of the Art: The mechanism of the cardiac fight or flight response revealed and the promise of proximity proteomics (18+7)

17:30 Philipp Mertins (Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine, Berlin, Germany): Technology and Applications: A HANDS-ON APPROACH TO LOCALIZATION PROTEOMICS (10+5)

17:45 Manuel Mayr (King's College London, U.K.): Translational Proteomics in Heart Failure THE EXTRACELLULAR MATRIX IN HEART FAILURE:  THE ROLE OF ADAMTS5 IN PROTEOGLYCAN REMODELLING (10+5)

Session 2: Marketplace (55 min)

Short talks / Elevator pitch (6 x 5+2 min)

18:00 Katja Gehmlich (University of Birmingham): Aberrant cytoplasmic localisation of telethonin in a titin cardiomyopathy model (5+2)

18:08 Thomas Kampourakis (King's College London): Myofilament-based regulation in the heart: new avenues for therapeutic interventions for heart failure and cardiomyopathies  (5+2)

18:16 Eli Larson (University of Wisconsin-Madison): RNA binding motif 20 regulation of cardiac metabolic associated proteins identified through global quantitative proteomics (5+2)

18:24 Ketaki Mhatre (University of Washington): Microtubule maintains passive tension and myofibril formation in developing cardiomyocytes (5+2)

18:32 Daniela Panakova (Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine, Berlin): PCP-mediated mechanical control of heart morphogenesis (5+2)

18:40 Abigail Teitgen (University of California, San Diego): 2-deoxy-ATP improves systolic ventricular function in a multiscale computational model of heart failure (5+2)

18:48 Vote - best pitch + award (5 min)

18:50 Wrap-up (+introduction breakout rooms - 5 min)

19:00 Breakout rooms (30 min):

  • Technology Q&A (Proteomics, Electrophysiology, Biomechanics)
  • Matchmaking (Marketplace follow-up)
  • Advancing the field (unmet needs, next steps)


Stephan E. Lehnart (Universitätsmedizin Göttingen)


Michael Gotthardt (Max-Delbrück-Centrum für Molekulare Medizin