Wissenstadt 2021

Real or Fake: Health

The non-profit association for the promotion of education "Besser Wissen e.V." uses entertainment to encourage critical scientific thinking.

"You are kidding! Or not?" Scientists report on current research in an entertaining way and promote a critical awareness of the manipulability of scientific findings along the way. How? With the "Real or Fake" quiz show. Some tell fact-based stories that may sound bizarre, while others deceive the audience. All they have to do is deliberately add false, but believable-sounding information to their theses. The viewers vote on what they believe to be fact or fiction – until the solution may finally surprise them... This unique show sensitizes the audience’s understanding of deliberate misinformation and the potential misinterpretation of facts.

German only | Ticket required


Platz vor dem Roten Rathaus
Zentrum der "Wissensstadt Berlin 2021"
10178 Berlin