Café Scientifique

Looking back: Long Night of the Sciences 2023

For one night only, we opened our doors to the interested public: On June 17th, 2023, visitors could visit tour laboratories, perform hands-on experiments, and explore connections between art and science. Here are some of the highlights.


Our young visitors were able to use various colored sugar solutions to create a rainbow in a test tube.

Great interest: Crowd at the MDC-BIMSB in Berlin-Mitte.

In Berlin-Buch, the interest of the visitors was also very high.

Hard science on comfortable chairs: Michael Strehle on the opportunities and risks of genome editing with CRISPR/Cas.

Nikolaus Rajewsky, scientific director of the MDC-BIMSB, plays a piece by Franz Liszt. Liszt was certainly one of the most interesting border crossers, who discovered and broke new ground between classical music, romanticism, impressionism and poetry.

The Art of Psychiatry: How to define psychiatric diseases at the cellular and molecular level? How can art be used to describe psychiatric illnesses? Bilge Ugursu, PhD, addresses these questions in an exhibition of her artworks. They have already been exhibited in numerous international galleries.

Reading DNA sequences like barcodes - how does it work? Our visitors get to know devices and methods.

AI can detect patterns of health/disease trajectories thus enabling precision medicine. Our panelists (right to left: Nikolaus Rajewsky, Jakob Metzger, Daniel León Perinán, Isabella Douzoglou, Melissa Birol) discuss how AI impacts our discovery processes and why we need highly skilled experts to bring AI to the clinic.

The Long Night ends in Berlin-Buch with a pub quiz, hosted by Tom & Darren.