The MDC celebrates Max Delbrück’s 111th Birthday

To celebrate the birthday of our namesake, the MDC and the Friends of the MDC invite everyone who is interested to a charity concert and commemorative speech on Monday, September 4th. Prof. Nikolaus Rajewsky will speak about the collaboration between Max Delbrück and Nikolai Timoféeff-Ressovsky in Berlin-Buch.  


Max Delbrück in 1960,  at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, USA. Photo: Caltech, MDC

On September 4th 1906, the biophysicist Max Delbrück was born in Berlin. Here he lived and researched, until he moved to the USA in 1938. On our Campus, he laid the first theoretical bricks of the foundations of molecular genetics, together with the Russian geneticist Nikolai Timoféeff-Ressovsky and the physicist Karl-Günther Zimmer. Delbrück completed his landmark studies in the States and received the Nobel Prize in 1969.

BIMSB coordinator Prof. Nikolaus Rajewsky dedicates his commemorative speech to the collaborations of Max Delbrück and Nikolai Timoféeff-Ressovsky in particular. What are the footsteps the two researchers left behind on the Campus and in science?

Nikolai Timoféeff-Ressovsky worked from 1925 to 1945 at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Brain Research on the Campus. Many of these years were marked by racism, persecution and war, but also by scientific advance. As a scientist and a human being, Timoféeff-Ressovsky suffered from repressions by the political systems of the time. The research building 87, which was named after him, and a commemorative plaque remind of his work on campus today.

Charity concert as a festive backdrop

Additionally, the Kammerensemble Berlin will play works by Tchaikovsky, Mozart and Grieg under the conductor Antoine Rebstein. They accompany the outstanding young soloists Elisabeth Kogan (cello) and Tabea Antonia Streicher (piano).

Anyone who is interested is invited to join the audience. The concert at the MDC.C begins at 18.30. The entrance is free, but donations for the rebuilding of the church tower in Buch and the work of Friends of the MDC are welcome.


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