Lab Zombie

MDC/FMP PhD Retreat 2019

Fear of the working dead?

All signs point to becoming a lab zombie?

Already turned into a work zombie?


No worries, there’s hope and a cure!


We are happy to announce this year's


MDC/FMP PhD Retreat


at Ringhotel Schorfheide

26th - 28th August 2019



We provide you with


Refreshing Science

  • Keynote lecture

  • Panel discussion

  • Many talks and posters by you


Rehumanizing Activities

  • Games and team building events


Amazing Atmosphere

  • 100 PhD students

  • Inspiring people around

  • Opportunities to network and collaborate


... and cash prizes for the best posters and talks!





Karen Sarkisyan

Karen Sarkisyan completed his PhD on fluorescent protein development with Konstantin Lukyanov and Alexander Mishin at the Shemyakin-Ovchinnikov Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry in Moscow and then worked on protein evolution with Fyodor Kondrashov at the Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology and in Vienna. Later, Karen moved to the MRC London Institute of Medical Science (LMS) in September 2018 to start his new lab.

Karen´s lab work focuses in several research directions, both basic and applied, from studying the structure-function relationship in proteins to engineering bacterial strains that can perform directed evolution without human involvement. They approach these and other problems from the perspective of synthetic biology, investing time into automation of molecular biology routines and creating new molecular technologies for light-based computation and cell communication. Additionally, they will work on studying structure-function relationship in proteins with the aim to compare properties of various regions of the protein sequence space in a systematic manner.

Karen Sarkisyan Lab

Synthetic Biology at the MRC LMS

Karen Sarkisyan on Twitter





Jan Philipp Junker

Jan Philipp Junker studied Physics at the Technical University of Munich, Germany, where he also obtained his PhD in Biophysics in 2009. He worked as a postdoctoral associate at MIT in Cambridge, USA, and senior postdoc at Hubrecht Institute in Utrecht, Netherlands, under the supervision of Alexander van Oudenaarden. Since 2016 Jan Philipp Junker is a group leader at BIMSB, MDC in Berlin.

His lab studies embryonic development combined with methods from biophysics and systems biology to understand mechanisms that underly phenotypic diversity in isogenic populations and ensure robust patterning in the presence of perturbations. He received several awards and fellowships and an ERC starting grant for the quantitative analysis of variability and robustness in spatial pattern formation. Just last year his work on massively parallel lineage tracing during zebrafish development was selected as Science’s Breakthrough of the Year 2018.

Jan Philipp Junker Lab

Science’s Breakthrough of the Year 2018



Claudia Noack

Claudia Noack studied Biotechnology at the Beuth University of Applied Sciences followed by Molecular Medicine at Charité Medical University in Berlin. She worked at the MDC and FMP focusing on signaling pathways in murine hearts and cardiac progenitor cells in the field of endogenous cardiac regeneration. Before receiving her PhD in Biochemistry from FU Berlin in 2013, she moved to the Institute of Pharmacology & Toxicology at University Medical Center Göttingen, Germany, in 2012 as a postdoctoral researcher studying Wnt signaling in healthy and failing hearts as well as in human embryonic stem cell (hESC)-derived heart muscle models to identify new targets for pharmaco-regeneration.

Claudia Noack specialized in genome editing techniques and in the cardiovascular field with the aim to understand cardiac remodeling processes and to identify potential new pharmacological targets for heart failure treatment. Since 2017 Dr. Claudia Noack works as Head of Laboratory in the R&D Department of Target Discovery Technologies at Bayer AG in Berlin, Germany.

Claudia Noack on LinkedIn

Bayer AG



Florian Hinze

Florian Hinze

Life Science at the University Lübeck, Germany. After two internships at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, USA and at Bayer AG in Berlin, he did his master thesis at the Max-Planck-Institute for Molecular Genetics in Berlin. Subsequently he worked on RNA processing as a therapeutic target in heart diseases at MDC under the supervision of Michael Gotthardt to obtain his PhD in 2016. After one year as a postdoctoral researcher, Florian Hinze is now working as Medical Science Liaison Manager in Immunology at UCB since 2017.

Florian Hinze on LinkedIn






Lindy Hop Dancing

with Elisabeth and Corinna

Let’s swing together! Lindy hop is a swing dance, which evolved with and is danced to jazz and swing music. It’s a social dance and all about rhythm, communication and developing your own style. You don’t need to bring a partner to dance – everyone can lead and follow. Swing by and fall in love with the most addictive dance ever.



with Tijana

In this workshop, we will connect our breath to movement. We will flow together through a sequence of postures, while maintaining the breath-to-movement connection. This is a slow, juicy and dopamine-fueled class. Beginners, as well as advanced yogis, are invited to treat your bodies (and minds) with this yummy, moving mediation.



with Christoph

Enjoying mother nature in a relaxed atmosphere while jogging in the nearby forest heading towards the Werbellinsee for a quick refreshment. All levels are welcome.


Beach Volleyball

with Clara


The Science of Zombies

with Dr. Emma Harris

Interactive workshop about what science fiction and horror have got right and wrong about zombies. Create your own zombie film plot that is scientifically accurate!







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