The anti-glucocorticoid receptor antibody clone 5E4: raising awareness of unspecific antibody binding


  • L. Ehlers
  • M. Kirchner
  • P. Mertins
  • C. Strehl
  • F. Buttgereit
  • T. Gaber


  • International Journal of Molecular Sciences


  • Int J Mol Sci 23 (9): 5049


  • Unspecific antibody binding takes a significant toll on researchers in the form of both the economic burden and the disappointed hopes of promising new therapeutic targets. Despite recent initiatives promoting antibody validation, a uniform approach addressing this issue has not yet been developed. Here, we demonstrate that the anti-glucocorticoid receptor (GR) antibody clone 5E4 predominantly targets two different proteins of approximately the same size, namely AMP deaminase 2 (AMPD2) and transcription intermediary factor 1-beta (TRIM28). This paper is intended to generate awareness of unspecific binding of well-established reagents and advocate the use of more rigorous verification methods to improve antibody quality in the future.