Curriculum Kardiale Magnetresonanztomographie (CMR) [Curriculum cardiac magnetic resonance (CMR) imaging]


  • V. Hombach
  • S. Kelle
  • R. Gebker
  • E. Nagel
  • H. Thiele
  • J. Schulz-Menger
  • O. Bruder
  • E. Fleck
  • H.A. Katus


  • Kardiologe


  • Kardiologe 8 (6): 451-461


  • The aim of this cardiac magnetic resonance (CMR) curriculum is a description of the further education process for cardiologists in order to be able to achieve expert certification in CMR. The further education CMR curriculum should provide the basis, according to three different CMR levels, for a cardiologist to assess the indications, perform and interpret CMR examinations correctly in a large database of patients with a broad range of cardiovascular diseases. In addition, on a higher level the cardiologist should be able to lead a CMR laboratory and to perform scientific CMR examinations at a defined high level. The curriculum itself is intended to be carried out in a defined process certified by the German Cardiac Society to guarantee the quality. The certification covers not only the education process but also the approval criteria of further education centers and knowledge assessment of candidates by a written examination. The CMR certification process is in accordance with the recommendations of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) and the Society for Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance (SCMR) to harmonize education and facilitate clinical and scientific exchange in Europe.