Derivation, characterization, and stable transfection of induced pluripotent stem cells from Fischer344 rats


  • M. Liskovykh
  • I. Chuykin
  • A. Ranjan
  • D. Safina
  • E. Popova
  • E. Tolkunova
  • V. Mosienko
  • J.M. Minina
  • N.S. Zhdanova
  • J.J. Mullins
  • M. Bader
  • N. Alenina
  • A. Tomilin


  • PLoS ONE


  • PLoS ONE 6 (11): e27345


  • The rat represents an important animal model that, in many respects, is superior to the mouse for dissecting behavioral, cardiovascular and other physiological pathologies relevant to humans. Derivation of induced pluripotent stem cells from rats (riPS) opens the opportunity for gene targeting in specific rat strains, as well as for the development of new protocols for the treatment of different degenerative diseases. Here, we report an improved lentivirus-based hit-and-run riPS derivation protocol that makes use of small inhibitors of MEK and GSK3. We demonstrate that the excision of proviruses does not affect either the karyotype or the differentiation ability of these cells. We show that the established riPS cells are readily amenable to genetic manipulations such as stable electroporation. Finally, we propose a genetic tool for an improvement of riPS cell quality in culture. These data may prompt iPS cell-based gene targeting in rat as well as the development of iPS cell-based therapies using disease models established in this species.