Dissecting the spatiotemporal diversity of adult neural stem cells


  • N. Mitic
  • A. Neuschulz
  • B. Spanjaard
  • J. Schneider
  • N. Fresmann
  • K.T. Novoselc
  • T. Strunk
  • L. Münster
  • P. Olivares-Chauvet
  • J. Ninkovic
  • J.P. Junker


  • Molecular Systems Biology


  • Mol Syst Biol 20 (4): 321-337


  • Adult stem cells are important for tissue turnover and regeneration. However, in most adult systems it remains elusive how stem cells assume different functional states and support spatially patterned tissue architecture. Here, we dissected the diversity of neural stem cells in the adult zebrafish brain, an organ that is characterized by pronounced zonation and high regenerative capacity. We combined single-cell transcriptomics of dissected brain regions with massively parallel lineage tracing and in vivo RNA metabolic labeling to analyze the regulation of neural stem cells in space and time. We detected a large diversity of neural stem cells, with some subtypes being restricted to a single brain region, while others were found globally across the brain. Global stem cell states are linked to neurogenic differentiation, with different states being involved in proliferative and non-proliferative differentiation. Our work reveals principles of adult stem cell organization and establishes a resource for the functional manipulation of neural stem cell subtypes.