Efficient gene transfer into primary human CD8+ T lymphocytes by MuLV-10A1 retrovirus pseudotype


  • W. Uckert
  • C. Becker
  • M. Gladow
  • D. Klein
  • T. Kammertoens
  • L. Pedersen
  • T. Blankenstein


  • Human Gene Therapy


  • Hum Gene Ther 11 (7): 1005-1014


  • Efficient and stable gene transfer into primary human T lymphocytes would greatly improve their use for adoptive transfer to treat acquired disorders, viral diseases, and cancer. We have constructed retroviral vector pseudotypes of amphotropic murine leukemia viruses (A-MuLV, MuLV-10A1), gibbon ape leukemia virus (GaLV), and feline endogenous virus (RD114) containing the enhanced green fluorescent protein (GFP) as a marker gene. Transduction of primary human CD8+ T lymphocytes by the different GFP- retrovirus pseudotypes revealed the superiority of MuLV-10A1 in comparison with A-MuLV, GaLV, and RD114, respectively. The superior transduction efficacy of CD8+ T cells by MuLV-10A1 correlates with a longer half-life of this pseudotype in comparison with A-MuLV and, as shown by interference analysis with the human T cell line HUT78, by the utilization of both the A- MuLV receptor (Pit2) and the GaLV receptor (Pit1) for cell entry.