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Microbiome Retreat - Interlinking Berlin-Brandenburg Microbiome Research Expertise

The ECRC and the AG Forslund proudly present the first Microbiome Retreat - Interlinking Berlin-Brandenburg Microbiome Research Expertise on 04 October 2023. Please save the date or register here: https://www.mdc-berlin.de/MicrobiomeRetreat


ECRC – Campus Berlin Buch
Lindenberger Weg 80
Conference room 3314, building 46, 2nd floor
13125 Berlin




Part 1 | Interlinking Berlin-Brandenburg Microbiome Research Expertise


09:00–10:00 Arrival, registration, putting up of posters,coffee

10:00–10:30 Welcome and introduction of day structure, Introduction round of participants: 1 minutepitches (all group representatives)

10:30–10:50 Lajos Marko: Methods of stool sampling, sample processing and technical confounders

10:50–11:10 Till Birkner: Methods of microbiome and confounder analysis – example of MetaCardis study

11:10–11:30 Francesca Ronchi: Gnotobiotic animal models and FMT

11:30–12:30 Lunch + Networking

12:30–12:50 Anja Mähler: Valid dietary assessment methods

12:50–14:00 Poster sessions and flash talks

* Metabolomics analysis in sera and stool
* Genomic platforms
* Animal work

* Microbiome-lung-axis
* Microbiome-liver-axis
* Microbiome in cardio-renal disease
* Microbiome changes due to fasting in animal models

Part 2 | Post-symposium Networking Event with AllergoSan und WincloveProbiotics B.V.


14:00–14:15 Coffee + Networking

14:15–16:30 Workshops
In parallel: continuation of poster sessions and post-symposium networking event with AllergoSan and Winclove Probiotics B.V.

WS 1: Forming an advisory board – Microbiome sampling and sample processing: overview over methods, sample processing, practical issues sample collection, SOPs

WS 2: Communications strategies: Integration of community expertise into existing seminar series, joint website and build up Berlin-Brandenburg microbiome registry, funding opportunities

WS 3: Animal facilities and FMT

WS 4: Automation, data science, and confounder management

16:30–17:30 Wrap up and perspective, further planning of next steps

17:30–20:00 Dinner + Networking at ECRC



Sofia Forslund and Lina Bahr

Lina Samira Bahr
Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin