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Green Campus

We bring questions of sustainability in science to the fore at the MDC.

Sustainability as a scientific issue has long been confined to those disciplines – such as ecology, agriculture or forestry – that deal with it directly. However, at the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine, we think sustainability should be an integral part of our work. From how we develop our campus, to how we equip and modernise our labs, to how we deal with issues of social responsibility, for example communication and knowledge transfer.

Our goal is in essence to shape the future. How we achieve this is, firstly, by following our mission – that is, to gain insight from biomedical basic research and quickly transfer it into practical medical applications for diagnosis, therapy and prevention of disease. However, research is more than just a cerebral exercise. It takes place in real labs with a real ecological footprint, and is carried out by real people – energy consumption and land-use, together with career development and family-friendliness are all important issues. In other words, we must keep the environmental, economic and social dimensions of sustainability in mind. In this context, campus planning and infrastructure play a key role. We hope that this symposium will generate some important ideas for the future.

“Green Campus” is a an ongoing project at the MDC. In recent years we have launched projects to reduce energy consumption and decrease the environmental impact of our buildings and infrastructure. Together with the MDC community we are developing further strategies for the years to come.

MDC CONFERENCE: „Green Campus: Living Labs, Sustainable Science“ 30th March 2012


BROCHURE: „Green Campus Berlin Buch“ June 2011 (Language: German)

Green Campus Berlin Buch - Our concept for sustainable development of the Buch Campus
Language: German
As of: Juni 2011


ARTICLE: „Labs in the 21st century – Towards a Green Campus” iMDC 02/2011