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Andrew Woehler

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The Light Microscopy Platform, which is part of the Berlin Institute for Medical Systems Biology at the Max Delbrück Center, provides access to advanced microscopy methods as well as data processing and analysis tools for on-campus and visiting scientists. We also work to foster collaboration with industry partners to bring emerging imaging technology to the campus.

In addition to supporting the work of other researchers within the BIMSB and MDC, we also conduct research investigating the structure, function, and modulation of the neuronal synapse.

Research Interests

Total internal reflection fluorescence microscopy reveals the activity of primary hippocampal neurons. Data was acquired by Dr. Zohreh Farsi.

We are working to adapt existing or developing novel technology including:

  • Small molecule and genetically encoded biosensors
  • Experimental multiplexing techniques
  • Advanced image analysis tools

to quantitatively study intracellular signal transduction and synaptic transmission. We aim at contributing to a better understand how information is processed at subcellular, cellular, and networks scales and how this processing is altered in neurological disorders.



Upcoming Events

Microscopy Club | monthly


Previous Events

11th Berlin Summer Meeting and BIMSB Opening Symposium | 25-27 October 2018

Leica workshop on Multiphoton Confocal and Advanced Live Cell Imaging | 19-22 September 2017

MDC Technology Training in Light Microscopy / Zeiss workshop | 11-13 July 2017

10th Berlin Summer Meeting "Imaging Gene Regulation from DNA to RNA to protein | 8-10 June 2017

EU-Life Course Biological Image Reconstruction and Analysis | 14-18 November 2016


Group Leader

Dr. Andrew Woehler

101: Berlin Institute for Medical Systems Biology: 2.07




Dr. Nikita Vladimirov

101: Berlin Institute for Medical Systems Biology: 2.50.1



Dr. Anna Oliveras Martinez

101: Berlin Institute for Medical Systems Biology: 2.50.1



Dr. Peran Hayes

101: Berlin Institute for Medical Systems Biology: 2.50.1



Technical Assistant

Agnieszka Klementowicz

101: Berlin Institute for Medical Systems Biology: 2.50.1




Elisabeth Fritsch

101: Berlin Institute for Medical Systems Biology: 2.50.1



Giulia Forcina

101: Berlin Institute for Medical Systems Biology: 2.50.1



Former Members

Dr. Zohreh Farsi



Dr. Marie Walde



Leica SP8 SMD confocal


microscope equipped with 4 hybrid detectors, 1 PMT, 405 nm near-UV diode laser, 440 nm pulsed laser, white light laser, and environmental control chamber.

TIRF / Wide-field microscope

based on a Nikon TiE with an iLas 2 TIRF

360 degree spinning uniform field TIRF (with simultaneous FRAP, FLIP, photoactivation), and a Prime-95B back-illuminated sCMOS

STORM setup

built on a Zeiss Observer Z.1

equipped with custom flat-field illumination and 3D multicolor spectral emission optics, and an sCMOS camera


Wide-field FRET microscope

built on a Nikon TE2000

equipped with an OptoSplit III and an EMCCD


Manufacturing Lab


  • Ultimaker2 Extended 3D printer
  • Form2 3D printer
  • Various tools



Training & Resources

The platform offers collaboration opportunities, consultation and training in project planning, sample preparation, image acquisition, data management and analysis. Please contact us for more details.


Theoretical and hands on training required for all systems (est. 2 hrs).


Go to https://mdc.science-it.ch/ to register for our booking system. After registering, go to the browse tab, then resources, search for the instrument you are interested in using (i.e. SP8 SMD), click on the blue arrow under the device picture to request access. The platform will get an email and contact you to schedule a training session. Afterwards which we will grant you access and you can book the system anytime you like.


Refractive Index Matching

It is important to choose your imaging objective such that its refractive index matches as closely as possible that of your imaging mounting media

Refractive indices of objective immersion media
Water 1.33
Silicone 1.406
Glycerol 1.47
Oil 1.518


Refractive indices of standard mounting media
75% Glycerol   1.44
Vectashield   1.457
Mowiol   1.49
ProLong Gold

Fresh mounting

Cured for 1 day

Cured for 4 days





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Dr. Andrew Woehler
Dr. Andrew Woehler
Phone: +49 30 9406-1540
Max-Delbrück-Centrum für Molekulare Medizin (MDC)
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