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ÆON. Trajectories of Longevity and CRISPR

Would you take daily inhalations to stay young? An artwork about a possible future.

Their gestures betray that they are a couple. An embrace, a touch at the dinner table, a look in the eyes. And yet one is puzzled. The woman has almost white hair, and her skin is furrowed with wrinkles. The man, on the other hand, looks as if he’s in his mid-30s. What separates the two is not the number of years they have lived, but the decisions they have made. For decades now, the man has been preserving his youth through inhalations. The woman has let nature take its course.

Technologies like genome editing make longevity seem attainable. Finnish artist Emilia Tikka is interested in what this would mean for society. In her work “ÆON. Trajectories of Longevity and CRISPR,” she constructs a poetic scenario of a possible future. The installation is exhibited at MDC-Mitte in November.

ÆON is the result of the first European artist residency on genome editing. In 2018, Tikka spent three months in MDC labs, collaborating with researchers to find out how CRISPR could change our world. The residency was initiated by the Max Delbrück Center, together with STATE. It was funded by the EU project ORION as a first step to initiate a dialogue with citizens on CRISPR.

No registration required, please ask at the reception desk for the artwork.


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