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Labor trifft Lehrer: Organoids of the human brain alias "mini-brains" as tools for research into diseases of the nervous system

Online teacher-training course




Organoids are 3D cultures of stem cells that represent the cellular complexity and functionality of human organs in vitro. By using organoids, researchers gain deeper insights into the crucial cellular processes involved in tissue and organ formation as well as pathological processes in vitro. As the human brain is unique, and even primate models do not accurately represent the formation of neurological diseases of the human brain, the development of so-called mini-brains is a major breakthrough. In this course we would like to introduce you to the basics of the mini-brain, its application and limitations. (Online event in German language)



The training takes place in the research group of Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Rajewsky: Systems Biology of Gene Regulatory Elements, as part of a series of training courses “Lab meets teacher - digital!”.

Course Guidance: Dr. Miriam Wandres

Micela Jonske
Zoe Ingram