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Long Night of the Sciences 2022: Campus Buch

Save the Date: On July 2, 2022, we are inviting everyone who is interested to visit our laboratories in Mitte and Buch again! It's worth marking the "smartest night of the year" in your calendar, as our highlights show.


Max-Delbrück-Centrum für Molekulare Medizin
Robert-Rössle-Str. 10
13125 Berlin





Understanding life: How much art does science need?

Science is rational and art is emotional – is that true? Research and artistic work are both creative, experimental imaginative processes. And many researchers also paint, play music and take photographs. On the Buch Campus and at the MDC in Berlin-Mitte, scientists will present their art during the Long Night - in exhibitions and concerts. The topics include mathematics, genetics and art, and sequencing Beethoven as well as playing and interpreting him. In the evening, we invite you to a panel discussion on the relationship between art and science. Join us for a discussion! An event in cooperation with the Ernst Schering Foundation.

Location: MDC, Campus Buch and Berlin-Mitte (MDC-BIMSB)

What is "good science"?

When it comes to issues like the Corona pandemic or climate change, science comes to the fore strongly. "Follow the science," say some. Others cast doubt on scientific findings as a matter of principle. Does "science" actually exist? Isn't science also made by people who may be guided by vested interests? Is there also bad or even fraudulent science? Of course, scientists themselves are also concerned with questions of this kind. They have agreed on rules for "Good Scientific Practice". Prof. Udo Heinemann from the MDC explains what is at stake.

Location: Campus Buch

You believe what you see - microscopy means knowledge

Dancing worms, brains that glow in the dark and a fish heartbeat to watch - these are some highlights of our microscopy street. We invite our guests to try out microscopy for themselves in the lab. We also offer insights into electron microscopy, which can be used to visualize the tiniest details of cells of various organisms or organs. Our cryo-electron microscope allows an ice-cold look into the world of proteins. We will also guide you through the exhibition of historical Berlin microscopes. And with VR glasses you can take a walk through different organs.

Location: MDC Campus Buch and Berlin-Mitte (MDC-BIMSB)


Our complete program for the Long Night of the Sciences 2022 will soon appear on our website.

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