Winning-Team "Shut-Up-Legs"

Campus Buch wins "Who cycles the most?"

The Buch Campus successfully defended its title in the "Who cycles the most?" competition again this year. A total of twenty Berlin state companies competed against each other in August and September 2021.

The Berlin-Buch Campus won, closely followed by Berliner Wasserbetriebe, Berliner Energieagentur and Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe. The 231 cyclists from the Buch Science and Biotech Campus and the MDC Mitte / BIMSB were clearly ahead with 136,547.9 kilometres.

Within the campus, the best cyclists all came from the Max Delbrück Centre for Molecular Medicine in the Helmholtz Association (MDC): Jessica Berlin took first place with 4961.1 km, Jürgen Janke, AG Pischon/ Biobank, came second with 4913 km and Holger Gerhardt third with 3103 km.

The team "Shut up legs" with Rainer Leben, Jessica Berlin and Holger Gerhardt from the MDC won the campus three-man team competition. They were also successful in the overall competition - as the second best team. Second place from the campus went to the "Re-rolling Organoids" with Alina Pflaume, Cellphenomics GmbH, Jürgen Loskutov, Cellphenomics GmbH ,and Larissa Ruhe, ASC Oncology GmbH. The "CAR-Bikers" with Giuliano Ballacchino, Carmen Judis and Rene Jüttner from MDC came third.

The winning team "Shut-Up-Legs" from left to right: Jessica Berlin, Rainer Leben, Holger Gerhardt.

The competition arose from a cycling campaign of the Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe with the Berliner Stadtreinigung and the Berliner Wasserbetriebe and is organised by the initiative "mehrwert". A total of 1740 employees collected their cycling kilometres. The competition not only promotes environmentally friendly and healthy mobility, but also aims to demonstrate quality of life while saving costs. Preference is given to teams of three to spur each other on and support each other in their kilometre achievements.

Every kilometre saves carbon dioxide

Again, there were records in the overall ranking of all participants: The best team of three accumulated 10,422.3 kilometres, and the best individual cyclist offered up 7,124 kilometres alone. For all those who took part in the competition, however, the decisive factor was participation and the motivation to get on their bikes and perhaps do an extra tour. Every kilometre with muscle power counted, whether on a bicycle or an ergometer. Electric bikes, which allow you to get around without pedalling, were not allowed.

This year, all participants together covered a distance of 1,015,553 kilometres - about 33 times around the equator. The result not only benefits health, but also the environment, as the distance equals a saving of 192,955 kg of carbon dioxide.

The mehrwert companies participated again this year as their own team in the city cycling event. A total of 1,419 cyclists from 20 companies cycled 302,970 kilometres in the three weeks of the campaign. This put them well ahead of the Berlin Police and rbb 88.8.

Text: Christine Minkewitz



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