Free sports activities for employees

Many of us would like to incorporate more physical activity into our daily lives. But not everyone is inclined to join a gym right away. CampusVital offers free alternatives to all employees at the Berlin-Buch campus. These opportunities are also a chance to network and socialize.

When engrossed in lab work, hunched over a bench, or immersed in computer tasks, people often neglect their own well-being. This calls for an active break. “The focus here is on mobilization and a bit of exercise to counteract the monotonous postures adopted while working in labs or at desks,” explains Babette Beuster, Health Manager at CampusVital.

Along with all other complimentary Campus Vital offerings, the active break (German: Bewegte Pause) is part of the company's corporate health management strategy, abbreviated as BGM. “We aim to provide employees from all campus institutions with the opportunity to work in a healthier manner and to take a breather from time to time. Afterwards, they are more motivated and focused at work.,” she adds. These sessions are typically attended by a broad range of age groups, professions, and positions. Although conducted in German, participants and instructors are prepared to provide exercise instructions in English if needed.

Active Breaks

The active break is designed to release tensions in the body, enhance flexibility, strengthen the back, and induce relaxation. The goal is to establish regular breaks and teach exercises that can be easily integrated into the daily routine. Sporting attire is not necessary – during the summer, participants can join every Tuesday from 12:15 to 12:45 p.m. at the “Treated Wood” wooden pavilion (across from FMP / House C81). In the winter, the group relocates to the course room in House 55. Registration is not mandatory.

Team sports

CampusVital began offering beach volleyball in the summer of 2022, and badminton was added in June of this year. “Engaging in team sports promotes physical activity, fun, new acquaintances, and social networking through sports,” says Babette Beuster. “We cooperate with the SportJugendClub Buch, and were given access to the beach volleyball court located at Karower Chaussee 169c, right next to the residential area bordering the campus.” Those interested in participating can sign up through the CampusVital website, indicating their level of beach volleyball experience. On Thursdays, advanced players (Level F1 & F2) will play from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m., followed by advanced beginners (Level A2) from 4:00 to 5:00 p.m. “We enthusiastically welcome new faces to ensure these play sessions thrive,” Beuster adds. Badminton is offered biweekly on Tuesday evenings from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. Registration is not obligatory – simply come dressed for the occasion to the field behind the Arnold-Graffi-Haus / D85.

Digital coaching

For those who find it difficult to fit these activities into their schedules, the digitally supported Health Coach sponsored by the Techniker Krankenkasse, is available. Through an app or web interface, campus employees can access comprehensive coaching tailored to their personal health goals. Topics include fitness, nutrition, weight management, stress management and smoking cessation. The online coach creates personalized exercise plans and allows individuals to track their progress and receive personalized recommendations. Interested employees can find the appropriate link on the CampusVital website.

Check-ups and beyond

“In addition to our regular offers, it's certainly worth keeping an eye on our emails," advises Babette Beuster. Throughout the year, there is a variety of free health-related activities, including workshops on bicycle ergonomics, spinal check-ups, and more. Additionally, the CampusVital Sports Festival will return next year, featuring beach volleyball, table tennis, complimentary massages, and barbecue delights. “In the upcoming fall and winter, we're focusing on stress management and mental well-being.”

Text: Antonio Völker 

Further information

To explore further information about health offerings and sports courses, both free and for members, please visit the CampusVital website