Illustration einer Utopischen Stadt

Imagining the research institute of the future

In five essays, research and administration staff at the Max Delbrück Center have outlined their visions for an ideal research institute environment. The occasion was this year's "Utopia Institute of Research Essay Contest," organized by EU-LIFE and the scientific journal "Nature."

Plastic-digesting bacteria as a source of renewable energy — and an energy-independent institute. Living and working without separation in "Scienceville." Less bureaucracy, but more space and time for genuine scientific discussions. And an inclusive working environment with gender-neutral language, where all researchers are equally respected and supported. And these are just a few highlights. Employees from both research and administration describe what an ideal research institute could look like in their contributions to the "Utopia Institute of Research Essay Contest." The competition was organized by the alliance of leading life science research centers in Europe (EU-LIFE) and the scientific journal "Nature." The Max Delbrück Center is the only EU-LIFE member institution from Germany.

We would like to share these inspiring visions of the future and make them visible, and for this reason we are presenting five essays from our colleagues here.