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Open, democratic, future-proof

In a recent statement, the Alliance of Science Organizations, which includes institutions such as the Helmholtz Association, emphasized the importance of building an open society and robust democracy for the future sustainability of our country.

As the Alliance of Science Organizations, we strongly condemn any form of anti-democratic and inhumane activity. We emphatically reject the racist statements that have become public in recent weeks. These are in no way compatible with the values ​​of our organizations. Together, we unequivocally oppose them.

The numerous demonstrations across Germany impressively attest to the strong cohesion within our society. We see the clear commitment of the many people who are standing up for the fundamental values ​​of our democracy during this time as an immensely encouraging signal.

An open society and a strong democracy form the foundation for our future. We are all now called on to advocate and work for the preservation of this foundation. There must be no place for intolerance and xenophobia in Germany. Scientific organizations in particular must advocate for an open, reasoned culture of debate and counteract divisions in society.

To confront the major challenges of our time together we need a broad diversity of talents and ideas. This premise applies to the entire spectrum of science, from basic research to its application in the economy and society. International talent is an essential pillar of innovation in our system. The development of sustainable solutions is only made possible through international exchange, and staff and students who come to us from abroad. Anyone who would seek to exclude or even expel people is therefore not only proposing a shocking and inhumane course of action, oblivious to history, but is also undermining the future viability of Germany.

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Statement of the Alliance of Science Organizations (German only)