Eine Brille liegt auf einem aufgeschlagenen Buch

What are you reading, Ms. Jordan?

Dr. Petya Jordan is part of the BIMSB program management at the MDC. She has a passion for books and is a vivid reader. In our latest reading recommendation, she introduces a book by shame researcher Brené Brown.

Petya Jordan.

Brené Brown is a shame researcher. Which makes it hard for her to have small talk about her work at cocktail parties. Shame is in all of us. We all hate talking about it. Its a taboo topic. And this is why I believe it‘s extremely important to talk about it. Because only when we truly understand what shame is at a very deep level we can start to unravel it and develop shame resilience.

Shame is the externally induced feeling of unworthiness. The feeling that there is something about us which is flawed. For instance, body image is an almost universal source of shame. But also finances, parenting, health, religion can be a source of shame for many of us. The power of shame lies in secrecy. This is why the best way to overcome shame is to talk about our struggles and insecurities. To create a true connection and communicate with empathy.

Brené Brown's book is a well-written, research-based book full of very practical information on recognizing and dealing with shame. Her work is ground-breaking and I wish more people would read it and learn from her.

Brené Brown: „I thought it was just me" ‎ Avery; Illustrated Edition