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The Molecular Epidemiology Research Group is committed to studying at the molecular level the relationship between lifestyle, genetic, metabolic, and environmental factors with risk and outcome of chronic diseases in human populations.

The focus is on molecular biomarkers that have the potential for accurate and precise assessment of exposure, intermediary effects, and early disease development.

Our aims are to contribute to the understanding of disease etiology and pathogenesis in humans, to allow a more precise prediction of diseases, and to improve the identification of high risk individuals as well as of the quantification of the effect of interventions, thus envisioning a reduction of chronic disease risk through targeted prevention.

The research group coordinates the Cluster Berlin-Brandenburg of the German National Cohort, a population based prospective cohort study that aims to examine risk factors for major common chronic diseases in Germany.



Dear participants in the NAKO Health Study
the current main concern of the NAKO health study is to protect the participants, employees and indirectly their families from possible infection with the new virus.
For this reason, the Berlin-North Study Center at the MDC is closing down as a precautionary measure. At this point in time, we cannot yet inform you when we will reopen the study center.   
We will contact all participants who have an appointment at our study center during the period of closure. In due course we will contact you to arrange a new appointment.
If you have any urgent questions, you can still contact us by e-mail at: studienzentrum@mdc-berlin.de
With kind regards

The Study Center Berlin-North of the NAKO Health Study at the MDC


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Prof. Dr. Tobias Pischon
Prof. Dr. Tobias Pischon
Phone: 4563
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