Metabolic chamber

Clinical Research Unit

The Clinical Research Unit on Campus Buch

Purpose of the CRU is to conduct mechanistic human subject’s research and to support investigator-initiated trials.

The ECRC has a highly successful research ward / clinical research unit (CRU), which was established by Prof. Fred Luft along the lines of the US general clinical research center model in 2000.

The CRU provides nursing and technician support, infrastructure, and interfaces for collection and processing of data and specimens, as well as expertise in biostatistics and clinical trial administration according to regulatory requirements (Arzneimittelgesetz).

The CRU is equipped with a metabolic chamber, which is unique in Europe for its capability to measure metabolic changes within 5-minute intervals, a normobaric hypoxia chamber, and microdialysis technology for in-vivo metabolic analyses in muscle and fat tissue.

Metabolic chamber

Although the initial focus of the CRU was on cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, studies run at the CRU are not limited to this field. The current projects benefit from interdisciplinary approaches and include neurologists, muscle specialists, psychiatrists, aerospace physiologists and others. The CRU comprises 8 rooms with clinical beds for proband research. Each room is equipped with its own bathroom and is ideally suited for the observation of subjects included in trials. A professional CRU core team consisting of 2 board-certified clinical pharmacologists, Dr. Michael Boschmann and Dr. Heidrun Mehling, PhD students, and study nurses is running the CRU. Support in medical bioinformatics is provided by PD Dr. Dr. Robert Preissner.

The CRU on Campus Buch will contribute to patient and proband-oriented research currently being planned through funding by the Berlin Institute of Health (BIH ).


Dr. Michael Boschmann

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Dr. Heidrun Mehling

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