Bruemmer- Juliane

Cancer Research

The aim of our cancer research is to understand the causes of the development and progression of cancer. By doing so, we create the basis for improved diagnostics and treatment.

We investigate how cell growth, cell shape, cell death, genome integrity and protein homeostasis are regulated. We also work on understanding the molecular mechanisms that regulate cancerous processes in the body and how the immune system interacts with tumors.

Our groups cover a broad spectrum of interdisciplinary expertise, from mathematical modeling, cell biology, biochemistry, structural, developmental and stem cell biology to immunology, experimental tumor models and clinical oncology.

New cancer therapies

As part of cancer research, we place special emphasis on the translation of scientific findings into the clinics for the development of novel therapies. This includes drugs, gene and cell therapy approaches. We are also collaborating closely with clinically oriented groups at the Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin.

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