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Call for cell-based medicine project ideas

Apply for Virchow 2.0 open call until December 12, 2021

We invite project teams from academia and industry to propose their collaborative R&D project ideas to be included in the final cluster strategy to implement cell-based medicine.

Teams involving a minimum of 2 partners from academia and industry can apply with their collaborative R&D project ideas for the Clusters4Future Virchow 2.0. Projects ideas aiming at further developing, integrating and applying single-cell technologies, artificial intelligence as well as patient derived disease models for research and/or clinical applications are welcome.

Virchow 2.0 is a growing research and innovation network in the German capital region aiming to build a completely novel biomedical AI innovation ecosystem for the implementation of cell-based interceptive medicine in Berlin-Brandenburg as part of the BMBF Clusters4Future initiative. 


To apply, please visit the Virchow. 2.0 website