Zampieri Lab

Zampieri Lab

Development and Function of Neural Circuits


The execution of coordinated movements depends on the ability to dynamically adapt motor plans to external conditions and perturbations. Spinal circuits integrate motor commands and sensory information in order to generate precise patterns of muscle activation. The detection of different sensory stimuli and their integration with descending commands from the brain and local spinal networks is therefore critical for motor control. Our laboratory studies the mechanisms controlling assembly and function of spinal sensorimotor circuits by combining mouse genetics, anatomical tracing, and behavioral approaches to reveal how these circuits are first organized during development and then function in controlling movement and coding of sensory information.





Postdoctoral scientists:

Katrin Gerstmann. 

Felipe Sassi. Associate Director, Cllinical Services at WCG MedAvente ProPhase.

PhD students:

Stephan Dietrich. Postdoctoral scientist Kiehn lab at University of Copenhagen

Sophie Skarlatou.  Postdoctoral scientist Peng lab at UCLA

Sofia Pimpinella. Postdoctoral scientist Goulding lab at the Salk Institute

Carola Dewitz. Clinical Research Associate at PPD.

Master students:

Levin Riedel. PhD student at EMBL

Bachelor students:

Lilly von Kalckreuth. PhD student at Einstein Center for Neurosciences Berlin