Systems Biology of Gene Regulatory Elements


Head of the Group

Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Rajewsky



Alexandra Tschernycheff

87: Timoféeff-Ressovsky-House (Genomcentrum)

Room 1.08

Tel. +49 30 9406 2999

Fax. +49 30 9406 3068


The Rajewsky lab combines theoretical/computational and experimental methods to understand more about gene regulation in animals.
Research teams are interdisciplinary, employing techniques from molecular biology and biochemistry on different model organisms and driving the analysis with tools and concepts from bioinformatics, statistics, and physics.
A major focus is on post-transcriptional gene regulation by small RNAs (for example microRNAs) and RNA binding proteins.

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Figure: House 87: Timoféeff-Ressovsky-House (Genomcentrum)

Robert Rössle Str 10, 13092 Berlin-Buch

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