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Disease related Biomarkers in translational research studies: BIH Multiplex Services utilizing Luminex' MAGPIX system and Merck's Milliplex assay panels

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  • Jennifer Kirwan (BIH Metabolomics Platform)
  • Jens Baron (Merck IPS (Immunoassay Platform Solutions)

Introduction of the BIH Metabolomics Platform

  • Jennifer Kirwan (BIH Metabolomics Platform)

The MagPix instrument and supported products

  • Jens Baron (Merck IPS (Immunoassay Platform Solutions))

Neurofibromatosis 1 mutations affect functions of microglia derived from human pluripotent stem cell

  • Leonard Kuhrt (Group of H. Kettenmann, MDC)

Sex specific regulation of secreted cytokines and chemokines under normoxia and hypoxia in human endothelial cells

  • Mario Lorenz (Center for Cardiovascular Research (CCR), Charite)

Deactivation of murine Prdm16 alters heart metabolism and induces cardiomyopath

  • Jirko Kühnisch (Klaassen Lab, Genetics of Congenital Heart Disease)

Immune responses associated with Losartan-TKI combination immunotherapy in dogs with metastatic osteosarcoma

  • Robert Hardcastle (Field Application Scientist, Merck)



Raphaela Fritsche

BIH Metabolomics Platform
Jens Baron

Merck IPS (Immunoassay Platform Solutions)