All roads lead to Buch: The “Pankeweg“

Cycling to work through meadows and forests – that's no problem for the employees of the MDC. Even if you live downtown: you can get to the north of Berlin quickly by train. Get off at the stops Blankenburg or Pankow and you'll cyle to Buch in no time and without any annoying traffic lights.


The nature reserve "Karower Wiesen". Image: Silvio Schwartz.

The Campus Buch is situated in the very north of Berlin. From there, it's easy to explore the surrounding historical "Barnim" landscape – before or after work. Berlin's network of green cycle paths makes it especially easy to avoid car traffic and get to your destination quickly and relaxed. Longer distances you can simply travel by train.

Anyone starting in the center of Berlin may travel with the S2 train to Buch to change to the Pankeweg, a hiking path following the Panke river. The path is part of the network of "Berlins 20 Green Paths" and is referenced with the number 5. Long stretches are parallel to the S-Bahn train, that's why it's easy to drop off and change from one vehicle to another.

The section portrayed below between S-Bahn station Blankenburg and Buch is 7.5 km long and is paved with asphalt or gravel. It passes the nature reserve "Karower Teiche" where you may spot a deer or English Park Cattle. In case you have a little more time on your hands, make a stop at the Karow church – it's worth a visit!

Try it out yourself!

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