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Guided tours of the Campus treasures

Botanical rarities, a science museum full of historical exhibits and microscopes, impressive sculptures by various artists* and the paintings of the great painter Jeanne Mammen: The Berlin-Buch campus is rich in treasures. An invitation for the curious.


Visitors and employees can now explore the gems of the Berlin-Buch science campus in digitally guided walks, with fold-out maps and printed brochures: One guided tour invites you to get to know the history better, another tour leads those in need of rest past herb beds, rare trees and shrubs. Virtually or on site, art enthusiasts are also guided to sculptures and the masterpieces of painter and draftswoman Jeanne Mammen. Mammen (1890 to 1976) is one of the most important chroniclers of the twenties in Berlin. She had a lifelong friendship with Nobel Prize winner Max Delbrück, who gave his name to the Max Delbrück Center. In total, the new offer includes six tours across the campus in Buch.

The operating company Campus Berlin-Buch has compiled all the important information and the audio tours on the "Campusart" website. On-site events complement the tours. The first highlight is "Jeanne Mammen's View of the World." On November 21, 2022 from 18:30 to 21:00, Dr. Martina Weinland from the Jeanne Mammen Foundation will introduce guests to the work of the painter of the New Objectivity at the Stadtmuseum Berlin. 


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