Das Brandenburger Tor in den Farben der ukrainischen Flagge

Solidarity with Ukraine

The MDC condemns Russia's attack against Ukraine, which is an act of aggression and a manifest violation of international law. Our full statement.

It is with great concern that we look at the events in Ukraine. We are dismayed and shocked by the massive breach of international law committed by the Russian regime under President Vladimir Putin with its invasion on 24 February 2022. We condemn this war.

At the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine in the Helmholtz Association, around 1600 people from many different countries work together peacefully, and this way we show that dialogue and international cooperation can create outstanding things. Our research thrives on cooperation, exchange, diversity and tolerance. Together we have experienced the benefits of democracy, peace and freedom - especially in science.

At this time, our sympathy goes out in particular to our staff from Ukraine and to all the people in Ukraine who are suffering from the violence. But our sympathy also goes out to those people from Russia and all Central and Eastern European countries who are currently very worried about the future and the safety of their families and friends.

Russia's act of war has consequences for research and its cooperation with Russia. The Federal Ministry of Education and Research has stopped cooperation with Russia in science and research as well as in vocational training. All ongoing and planned measures with Russia have been frozen and are being critically reviewed. This also affects possible collaborations of the MDC. We deeply regret this development. But good research needs freedom in peace.


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