pub quiz in the evening

This was the Long Night 2024 at the Max Delbrück Center

The night of June 22, 2024 was a night of discoveries: Our visitors had the opportunity to dive into the world of biomedical research. They not only had the chance to look over the shoulders of our scientists at work and experiment for themselves, but also to experience the interplay between art and science. Here are some of the highlights of the evening.

Hustle and bustle in front of the MDC-BIMSB in Berlin-Mitte during the Long Night 2024.

The weather was perfect and people came to the Berlin-Buch campus to gain an insight into current research.

Using virtual reality, a child wanders through a microscopic image of a fish heart.

Political visit at the Long Night: Henry Marx, Berlin State Secretary for Science and Research (left), visited the labs of Altuna Akalin (right) and Stefan Kempa to learn about the potential of AI in health research.

A lab tradition: as there are often multiple machines of one type, each machine is given a name - and sometimes a mascot.

When proteins are poorly folded, they can no longer fulfill their function - much like a bent paper clip.

Pipetting, measuring, finding information - at our Lab Olympics, children and adults could try how well they would be prepared for everyday laboratory work.

Children could pipette different patterns into a plate using colored liquids and finally compete to see who could insert pipette tips the fastest.

The Long Night ended with a pub quiz in Buch with Darren from Tom and Darren.